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The Lovers Lichen

Upcoming 2024

4k Film

The 'The Lovers Lichen' intricately weaves a poignant portrayal of a lesbian love story interlaced with profound explorations of geopolitical dynamics and queer ecologies. Utilizing the symbiotic/parasitic nature of lichen as a thematic anchor, the film draws parallels between the shared characteristics of port towns, exemplified by Klaipeda in Lithuania and Teesside in the UK. Moreover, it utilises the metaphorical richness of mycelium's connectivity and care networks to allegorically elucidate the complexities inherent within a cross-cultural lesbian relationship.

The film delves into the nuanced intersections of love, notions of home, and the intricate negotiations of borders, particularly within the post-Brexit milieu. Through a deliberate focus on identity, interpersonal connections, and the geopolitical frameworks shaping our contemporary global landscape, 'The Lovers Lichen' emerges as a compelling exploration of the human experience amidst evolving socio-political realities.

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