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I've Come to Take You Home


HD Video
14 Minutes

The film, shot on the North Yorkshire Moors, shows the protagonist wearing a white gown and weighed down by a large and heavy chain, which she drags uphill through purple blooming heather. The strain shows. At times, she looks back at the camera. Her journey takes us to a view of the estuary and the industrial buildings on the other side, then through sand dunes to the water’s edge where she puts down the heavy chain, before entering the cold water. She floats a while, free from the weight of the chain. When she leaves the water, she takes up the chain again. The voice over contains quotes of some of the things that have been said to her over the years, crass assumptions of what her future achievement could or couldn’t be based on her social class. She has proved them wrong. The film explores themes around the female body, social class and the class divide, challenging pre-conceptions and unconscious prejudices. The artist and subject are striking out for a new stand, refusing and subverting popular believes and stereotypes, and challenging the sexism and social putdowns that abound in everyday life.​

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